Are You A Good E-Design Fit?

Interior decorating services from the comfort of your couch

You know one or more spaces in your home need help when it comes to design. Maybe you have a few furnishings you'd like to keep or you want to start over completely. While you would love the interior designer look, you know your budget does not scream "Interior Design Firm". You know you don't want an interior designer to purchase furnishings for you (with a hefty markup).


You want help creating a beautiful cohesive design and color scheme, want to know what items exactly to purchase, where and what cost. You want the most value but still someone who takes time to understand you, your family and lifestyle, your style preferences. You don't want to wait weeks for your design and you want to know how much the design services will cost. Sounds like you?

What To Expect

The E-Design Process in a Nutshell


You contact us and provide us with the details of your design project. We schedule a quick discovery call for me to learn more about your space, challenges and what you are looking for as well as for you to ask any questions you may have about the process. We also discuss pricing so you have a clear idea about cost before committing. 

Untitled design (11).png


If you would like to move forward, you will receive the contract and invoice for a 2 hour design services retainer. You will be able to sign the contract online and pay the invoice online via bank transfer or any major credit card.


The next step is completing our design and lifestyle questionnaire where we learn more about you and your family, your style and color likes and dislikes as well as any ideas you may already have. You will also be asked to submit images of your space.


Once we have a clear idea about the project, we start designing! We incorporate everything we have learned about you and your preferences into a fresh design which includes paint color recommendations as well as specific furnishings, soft goods, art and accessories to complete the look.


When ready, usually within 2-3 days, the design board will be shared with you. It will include the visual board as well as a list of all products linked to the vendor site for you to purchase them directly without any markup. It will include a design rationale (why we created the overall design that we did) as well as comments for each product as to why we chose it and why it works. This allows you to also learn some of these design concepts that you can apply when out shopping on your own!


The platform we use to share the design allows for easy online collaboration where you are can provide feedback about the overall design or individual products. When adding a comment, we are alerted automatically and can work on any revisions necessary. We continue until you are happy with your design. Throughout the process you will stay updated on number of hours used so there are no surprises when you receive the final invoice upon completion of the project. The final invoice can again be paid online.

Sample E-Designs

Boho bedroom design
Home Office Design Board
Teen Music Design Board
Girls Room
Home Office Design Board
Farmhouse Bathroom