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Making Order From Chaos - Styling Shelves

Styling your shelves and your walls are a fantastic way to collect things that you love and treasure and display them alongside items that pull together your design aesthetic. When you give your room a fresh new look, that may be a perfect time to consider those cluttered bookshelves or that empty wall.

But, what to display? You may be thinking that your things aren’t that beautiful. Yes, they may have meaning to your family but they are silly objects. Perhaps your child’s lumpy pottery project or grandma’s teapot that doesn’t go with anything but still holds a special place in your heart. Just because an item doesn’t match your décor perfectly doesn’t mean you shouldn’t display it proudly in your home! At Envision Redesign, we believe that homes are beautiful when they reflect the families that live there – with the lives fully lived.

So, go ahead and display that lumpy pottery but prop it on a coffee table book and pair it with a simple white vase. Feature grandma’s teapot as a grouping alongside a simple copper planter and bowl.

Here are a few examples of gallery walls and shelves we’ve recently styled with our clients to help them display some of their own family treasures along with some new purchases to help tie their displays to their room’s color theme.

Photo 1 (left) is an etagere display case in a room that is in tones of soft grays with pops of grass green. The home owners have some family photos they wanted to display as well as some items they have purchased from their travels. These were combined with a few items we selected to bring the green into the room.

Photo 2 (right) is in the same room and here we also were able to display some of the homeowner’s father’s old books as well.

We adore photo 3 (below)! The homeowners were so worried about all of their eclectic items and the childrens’ art that they wanted to display and that these items weren’t exactly in the color scheme of their blue and orange room. But all of their loved items look fantastic and colorful pulled together on the walls and shelves here! The gallery wall showcases their children’s artwork in the perfect way – it’s like happiness on a wall! And the tones of blues, greens and aquas echo on the shelves in their items and books as well. The books are all treasured old fishing books of the homeowner’s father’s. The items and art bring the homeowners joy and memories and are combined with a few well-placed new items to bring the room’s color scheme back into focus. Design shouldn’t be about being sterile and matchy – it’s about bringing the best of your family’s memories and aesthetic to your home.

If you need help designing your rooms, we’re here to help. We help our clients with their gallery walls and shelf styling as part of their overall design projects. Check out our e-design services at

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